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Local Driving School represents the premier driving instruction in East Bay (Bay Area), Roseville and Yuba-Sutter County. Local Driving School Started in November 14th 2001. Manish Sondhi is CEO of the Local Driving School. Mr Sondhi is in driving School industry since 1997. He started as a driving School instructor in the Bay Area and then expended in Yuba-Sutter and Roseville Area. Our goal is to have Local Driving School location all over in California. We’ve taught students from the age of15 ½ to over 80 years old, and our team is ready to go for you. Every instructor is DMV licensed, patient, and of course professional.

Drug-Free/ Alcohol-Free Environment

Employees are prohibited from unlawfully consuming, distributing, possessing, selling, or using controlled substances while on duty. In addition, employees may not be under the influence of any controlled substance, such as drugs or alcohol, while at work, on company premises or engaged in company business. Prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications, taken as prescribed, are an exception to this policy.

Anyone violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Grounds for Disciplinary Action

The company reserves the right to discipline and/or terminate any employee who violates Local Driving School policies, practices or rules of conduct. Poor performance and misconduct are also grounds for discipline, up to and including termination.


The following actions are unacceptable and considered grounds for disciplinary action. This list is not comprehensive; rather, it is meant merely as an example of the types of conduct that this company does not tolerate. These actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in acts of discrimination or harassment in the workplace;
  • Possessing, distributing or being under the influence of illicit controlled substances;
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol at work, on company premises, or while engaged in company business;
  • Unauthorized use of company property, equipment, devices or assets;
  • Damage, destruction or theft of company property, equipment, devices or assets;
  • Removing company property without prior authorization or disseminating company information without authorization;
  • Falsification, misrepresentation or omission of information, documents or records;
  • Lying;
  • Insubordination or refusal to comply with directives;
  • Failing to adequately perform job responsibilities;
  • Excessive or unexcused absenteeism or tardiness;
  • Disclosing confidential or proprietary company information without permission;
  • Illegal or violent activity;
  • Falsifying injuryreports or reasons for leave;
  • Possessing unauthorized weapons on premises;
  • Disregard for safety and security procedures;
  • Disparaging or disrespecting supervisors and/or co-workers; and
  • Any other action or conduct that is inconsistent with company policies, procedures, standards or expectations.

This list exhibits the types of actions or events that are subject to disciplinary action. It is not intended to indicate every act that could lead to disciplinary action. The company reserves the right to determine the severity and extent of any disciplinary action based on the circumstances of each case.

Local Driving School

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Wireless Devices

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Use of Electronic Wireless Devices

It is illegal to drive while holding and using an electronic wireless communications device, unless the device is mounted on the windshield similar to a Global Positioning System (GPS) device, or is mounted on, or attached to, a vehicle’s dashboard or center console as long as it does not hinder the view of the road. The driver may use a feature or function with the motion of a single swipe or touch. This does not apply to manufacturer-installed systems that are embedded in a vehicle (California Vehicle Code [CVC] §23123.5).



Safe Driving Tips

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