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Mani Sondhi

Mani Sondhi, the owner and operator of Local Driving School, is the most experienced professional of the Local Driving team. He has taught drivers training for fourteen years, and is a DMV licensed traffic school instructor. Mani, perhaps more than anyone else, sees his work as a service to society. He is passionate about teaching students to be safe, wise, and courteous drivers, as well as helping new drivers earn their license. He is a defensive driving professional, and has taught driving across Northern California, including the Bay Area. Mani grew up in Yuba City, CA, studied at San Francisco State University, and worked as a driving instructor while majoring in businesses. Mani has partnered Local Driving with “Donate Life California”, offers free driving education to adults every year, and has raised awareness about traffic safety in his local community. A few of Mani’s hobbies include traveling and playing tennis.

Joti Sondhi

Joti is Mani’s wife, and joined her husband in teaching driving several years ago. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. She encourages her students to be both attentive and confident, and enjoys helping drivers in her community be safe. As a mother of two wonderful children, she knows how important safe driving is. She enjoys working with students from India, as she is bilingual in both English and Punjabi, and loves working alongside her husband for their family. She has a degree in Computer Science, and is also attending classes at Yuba College to improve her academic writing. On days when not teaching driving or attending classes, she cares for her children and cooks for her family, as she and Manish take care of their parents at home. On her free time, she loves traveling, reading, playing games, and spending quality time with her husband.

Don Littlejohn

Don has served on the Local Driving team for 15 years, but has been a driving instructor for over fifteen years. He is an experienced professional who sees drivers training as his career. He has many children and grandchildren, which he says helps him understand and communicate with his students. Consequently, he enjoys working with youth, and values his work as a unique opportunity to help society, specifically by training youth to be safe drivers. He was born in Marysville, CA, and is extremely familiar with Yuba-Sutter county. In fact, his family history in the Yuba/Marysville area traces back to the 1860s. On his free time, Don enjoys riding motorcycles and spending time with his family.

Iris Ceralde

Iris was one of the most requested instructor in the bay area. She has been teaching for three years. Iris was born in the Philippines and got her bachelor from Lyceum-Northwestern University.

Kirt Ewing

Every day should provide moments of "thanksgiving." Expressing GRATITUDE produces optimism, while not expressing gratitude erodes the SOUL. Let's be KIND and LOVE one another while we share time on earth together. Consider what is HUMANITY...

Studied at Contra Costa College, UCLA and Diablo Valley College
Lives in Pinole, California
Married to Ladyfer Ewing since April 28, 2007
Work History: Student Tutor · 2012 to present
I help students with their homework in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Algebra, Biology and any other subject needed. I travel to their home and use a care, personal & encouraging method. I have many great creative resources & websites.

Matthew Theodore

Matt was born in Germany and raised in Sacramento California. He is a military police veteran. He has numerous years of teaching drivers education and behind the wheel classes. He loves helping students to reach their goals in driving and gives students confidence.

John Alves

John Alves is an instructor at the Bay Area office and lives nearby. He has a BA in psychology from SF State and speaks Spanish fluently, a language he perfected while studying abroad in Argentina. Mr. Alves, as he is known in the classroom, is also a teacher for the West Contra Costa Unified School district and got his renowned patience educating children from all grades in virtually all subjects (including special education). Please tell your son or daughter to turn off their cell phone or he might keep it until they get their license! ? Check out his positive reviews on Yelp.

Steve V.

Steve is a very outgoing instructor. He has been teaching students how to drive for the past 5 years. Steve grew up in Lake Tahoe then moved to the Bay Area and attended Diablo Valley College. Steve loves to go snowboarding, spend time with his dog and listen to music.

Amarjit Kaur


Rickey Singleton

Rickey was born in Washington, raised in Ohio, but now resides in Yuba City where he has been since 2001. He enjoys fishing, disc golfing, and reading. Rickey has been driving 22 years, and he likes to teach driving. Rickey is a new instructor in the Local Driving School fleet and sees himself being here a long time. Rickey is very mild and patient. He believes there is a good driver in all of us and he strives to bring out the good in all his students.

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