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Learners Permit:

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In-Car Driving Training

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Get Your License!

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Lesson Skills

According to California state law, all minors must have 6 Hours of professional practice with a DMV licensed instructor. As such, this package covers every necessary and relevant situation and technique for safe driving. Here is only a sample of what is covered in each lesson:

Vehicle Handling & Basic Driving

Urban & Freeway Driving

Test Preparation & Practice

Defensive Driving techniques

Parallel Parking

Nighttime Driving

Why Local Driving School?

Driving Lesson Requirements (Teen/Adults)

Easy Steps: Earn Your License with California Driving Lessons

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Mission Statement

At Local Driving School, we provide our students with simple, clear and comprehensive In-Car-Driving training for Teen and Adults. Our approach and methodologies help all of our students become safe, smart and competent drivers.

Why We’re Different

We specialize in both driver’s education and advanced behind-the-wheel driver’s training. When students train with us, they learn not only the essentials of safe driving, but also advanced defensive driving techniques such as hazard detection, risk perception, precise vehicle control, space management and driver attitude.

On our student’s last lesson, we examine them based on the actual DMV test requirements. Our practice test gives you the best preparation possible for the DMV exam.