COVID-19 Health and Safety

COVID-19 Health and Safety

Keep your car safe and clean from COVID-19

At the local Driving School, the health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority that’s why we clean and sterilize our driving training cars in between each student’s behind-the-wheel lesson and before every student’s DMV road test appointment. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to sanitize your car before you get in to drive just like we do at the Local driving School.

No matter how modern your car is or how many bells and whistles it has it’s still a Petri dish on wheels where everything from the outside can get in and contaminate the surfaces of the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. The most effective weapon against the Covid-19 virus is soap and water (any household soap will do.)Put on disposable gloves before you begin and pay special attention to the surfaces you touch most often-door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, seatbelt buckles, and the rearview mirror. The same as if you were cleaning your hands make sure to wash each surface for at least twenty seconds.

It’s not a good idea to get any water or soap on any of your car’s electronic equipment so use a bleach-free wipe on your touch screen and car stereo equipment. The E.P.A will have a list of cleaning products that are effective against the Covid-19 virus (make sure not to use any bleach on interior fabrics.) Test the cleaning product you are going to use first in a small area especially if the car seats are leather which can dry out and crack if not cleaned correctly.

Pay special attention to the steering wheel which can have four times as many germs on it as the average toilet seat. Remember to rinse off and wipe down all the car surfaces you’ve washed because even the gentlest of cleansers shouldn’t be left to linger on your car’s interior material. Be thorough and don’t forget the gas cap.

Soap and water is your best bet, avoid using bleach except on simple plastics and don’t use solvents that can damage the interior of your car. Be careful if you are storing a large pump bottle of hand sanitizer in the car and make sure to keep it out of the sun. The heat can cause the alcohol in the sanitizer to boil causing the bottle to expand and leak.

The need for car sanitation and safety doubles in the case of rental or ride-sharing vehicles that’s why at the Local Driving School we spend so much time and attention making sure our cars are sparkling clean inside and our driving lessons are enjoyable, informative and most of all safe.

Safe driving, and all the best from the staff of the Local Driving School.



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